What Are the Options if I Can’t Afford a Divorce in Georgia?

What Are the Options if I Can’t Afford a Divorce in Georgia?

Divorce in Georgia is not as easy as it sounds. As much as it drains a person emotionally, it devastates them mentally and spiritually as well. Even if a person makes their mind, there are always certain barriers that may get in the way of convincing them to file for divorce. One of them is financial constraints. From attorney’s fees to the fees of court and everything in between; it puts a huge financial barricade on both of the parties involved.

The stats revealed by the World Population Review infers that approximately 50 percent of the couples in the U.S. end up getting divorced which costs them nearly $11,000.

Mandatory Expenses:

When the process of a divorce in Georgia begins, particularly if counsel assistance is not included, the financial expenditures start from filing a divorce complaint which is through the Clerk of Superior Court where the proceedings are likely to take place. Then there is a service fee which is another mandatory expense which deals with the process of serving the divorce papers to your spouse by the Sheriff’s department.

Divorce in Georgia – Possible Options:

If you are someone who is looking out for divorce but have taken a step back due to financial burdens, here are some cheap ways to consider as an alternative:

  • Uncontested Divorce:

Just like there is a contested divorce which is the kind of divorce where there are several disputes between the parties; hard to be resolved –  lies an uncontested divorce. When both of the parties agree on everything such as child custody, distribution of assets, support payments, etc., it is called an uncontested divorce. This one is the best option if you want to go with the least expensive method of divorce.

The process of this type of divorce starts like this:

The Beginning:

The initial step is the mutual consent of spouses. If both of them agree on everything, the petition for divorce and marital agreement is filed in court, certifying that both of the parties mutually agree on the settlements outlined in the agreement file.

Service of the Wavier and Call for Notice:

In the second step, one of the spouses files the petition for the divorce while the other one signs on the petition file or document which is known as Acknowledgement of Service and Consent to Jurisdiction. The step accelerates the procedure of divorce as well as the waiver service of the petition and other additional papers in the case.

Supplementary Documents:

The aforementioned step is followed by the signing of other supplementary documents. Although, this divorce involves no disputes being uncontested, yet the law of Georgia necessitates it for the parties to file some additional papers as well. It includes a previous copy of separation agreements (if any), filing of consent (which must be done within 31 days), a Parenting plan (if there are minor children), and submit a child support worksheet.

The Concluding Process:

This is the last stage where if the custody of minor children is not involved, the entire procedure of divorce concludes within 31 days. A last call by the judge may be required for the spouses to answer a few of his/her questions to ensure the divorce including the decision on critical matters is being taken place with mutual harmony. If no such thing is involved, this hearing may not be required.


Mediation is another way that spouses can go. It happens when both of them agree on almost everything, leaving behind those; harmoniously, they think they can work on with some assistance i.e., of a mediator or a lawyer. Though these couples may have to pay their mediators or lawyers, the entire process of divorces fastens up and the amount to be paid to the attorney is automatically reduced.


Couples look forward to another way if they are unable to afford divorce in Georgia, and that is of collaboration. While this may be similar to mediation, the parties, instead of hiring mediators contact coaches or specialists to settle down the differences. In this case, both of the parties hire their respective lawyers but they decide to help them without unnecessary involvement of any legislation procedure. Collaboration significantly declines the attorney’s fees.

 A Piece of Advice from Georgia’s Uncontested Divorce Lawyers:

Divorce in Georgia is not a stress-free process. Nonetheless, our Georgia uncontested divorce lawyers are available 24/7 to provide assistance regarding uncontested divorces. It is ultimately the best solution if you are someone who cannot afford to bear the expenses of divorce.