When Can Child Support Change After a Divorce?

When Can Child Support Change After a Divorce?

According to the Georgia Law, child support increases can only occur if the requesting parent can provide the essential proof of the changes in the circumstances in the shape of accurate paperwork. These circumstances may include a grave disease or disability which the requesting parent or the child suffers from or an increase in the income of the paying parent. However, the requesting parent needs to comprehend the entire situation and then seek advice from a family law professional for child support modification before fighting child support change after a divorce in Georgia.

Reasons for Changes in Child Support After a Divorce in Georgia:

When it comes to divorces in Georgia, child support is subject to changes based on a few factors. However, when a change in child support is requested, the burden of proof will be on the requesting/petitioning party.

Child support can be changed based on the following factors:

  • The party already paying for child support suffers the loss of a job or a decrease in income
  • Either of the parent’s income has increased due to remarriage
  • There has been an increase in the paying parent’s income and the increase is rather significant
  • There has been an increase in the cost of living
  • There has been an increase in the needs of the child
  • The child has moved in with the parent that was paying; a change of custody

Preparation for Attendance in Court:

The requesting parent should appoint an attorney whom they trust and feel comfortable enough to have discussed the entire situation. The guardian should also be aware of how the situation can go in either way. That is why the requesting parent needs to follow the instructions given by the attorney. The attorney will guide the parent on modification request, about how it works, what documents should the parent send which you will be able to know only after discussing with a professional.

The requesting parent should arrive at the court on time as per request. That parent should be well-prepared and must have legitimate paperwork such as financial documents which will help to prove the changes in your circumstances due to which you filed for a child support increase after your divorce in Georgia, to begin with.

Another area to be observed is that the state of Georgia passed a bill, titled ‘Georgia SB427’ in 2018 which brought many changes in the laws of child support. This also included the step-down clause but in 2019, the Georgia Commission on child support passed ‘House Bill 481’. According to this bill, the father is responsible for paying child support payments.

These passing of bills has made child support cases difficult to fight; which is why only experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can handle these cases responsibly. Contact a good divorce lawyer immediately for the best interest of the future of your child.

Significance of Evidence:

The requesting parent must bring enough evidence to back up the case in court. This is vital as the court will only make a decision based on the evidence which both parties will show. Evidence can be of two types:

  • One kind of evidence can be documents of current financial status, changes in your living conditions, sudden health issues, and anything which is affecting your child or you.
  • The second kind of evidence can be witnesses who can state in your favor. These pieces of evidence will pave a path for a successful case as the court will consider all these pieces of evidence.

Other than these forms of evidence, your attorney will guide you further on the collection of the evidence to have a concrete case.

Where Do We Come in?

If you plan to fight for a child support increase in Georgia, it would be a smart decision to contact credible lawyers at a highly experienced law firm. Good attorneys will not only represent you lawfully but will also be highly compassionate in respecting your intentions in such difficult times. These lawyers are experienced enough to counter any false claims alleged against you. If you want to have a strong case and you believe that you have concrete evidence, contact a lawyer today.

Do remember, however, that to fight a child support increase, you need to take measures quickly or else you will be compromising your child’s financial needs which can affect them in the long run.

If you are going through a divorce but plan to do it in a way that is acceptable to both you and your partner, feel free to get in touch with us today for your divorce in Georgia. Our attorneys specialize in processing uncontested divorces in a streamlined manner.