Increasing Child Support Payments During a Divorce in Georgia

A divorce in Georgia can become extremely overwhelming to deal with. It is one of the most emotionally demanding decisions of one’s life. Effective decision-making is dependent upon professional advice. Consulting a divorce attorney is highly beneficial to know about your legal rights and how to protect those rights.

Hiring an attorney is necessary to ensure that your divorce in Georgia is set in the right direction. However, it gets even more difficult and sensitive when a child is involved. The divorce rate in Georgia was 8.9 in 2019 meaning approximately 9 women in every 1,000 got divorced in 2019. You can also foresee challenges with child support payments.

Whether a child paternity case or a divorce case, a reasonable fair amount of child support is highly significant. Even if a fair amount is decided, as time goes, circumstances change and it impacts the child support amount. With the child support agreement, you can take legal steps to put forward a claim to increase the amount. The law varies from state to state.

You should be aware of the process to increase child support payments in Georgia. The implications of Georgia Law must be analyzed before considering asking for an increase in the child support amount. You will be needing justified reasons for the increase. The process can become much faster and easier for you if you follow the right steps. Following the essential steps will ensure a decision in your favor.

Change in Circumstances May Be Grounds for a Child Support Increase:

After a divorce in Georgia, the circumstances don’t remain the same. The circumstances may change for the parent who pays the child support. This means that the child support amount should also increase. If you want to know whether the circumstances of the parent paying for child support have changed substantially for an increase and how you can proceed further for the increase, you should take help from a legal representative. Legal implications will help you to understand the exact dynamics which can increase the child support amount after your divorce in Georgia.

Usually, the changes in circumstances that can cause child support amount to be increased include a significant pay increase or promotion, lottery win, earning big inheritance, getting a new job, or any way by which a large amount of money is coming. An increase is not necessarily guaranteed with these changes. We provide complete assistance to answer all your queries. You may not find all the answers with an online search. You will be needing our guidance to move through the process.

The Process May Take Time to Get an Increase:

The process for an increase in child support can take up to six months once you file for it. For both the parents, the income and assets will be verified. If one of the parents lives in another state, the process may take longer to complete and it can get complicated. The process will also be impacted if the original child support order was issued in another state but now you have moved to Georgia.

Other factors need attention for instance how long ago you received that order for child support, in which state it was issued, was it issued in Georgia, where are the parents currently living. These all factors affect the time of the entire process. You don’t have to be alone in this, managing information can be tricky and complicated for you. You can make the process of increasing child support payment smoother and less stressful by having help on your side.

Get in Touch With an Attorney If You’re Dealing With Divorce in Georgia:

You may find various results in a search for how to increase child support amount, but each case is different. The answers to your case may be more complicated. Get in touch with our experienced team of attorneys. After a divorce in Georgia, our attorneys will assist you in settling the child support amount claim. You can begin the process today by reaching out to us and start down on the path of asking for an increase in child support amount.

We work together with you towards a successful resolution of your problem. Our team has years of experience in similar cases. We will help you in gathering the important information and filing on your behalf. You may be entitled to additional funds if the circumstances of another parent have changed significantly. You can provide more to your child.

If you or your loved ones are facing problems with the child support amount, contact our divorce attorneys now to attain a successful claim that you and your child deserves.