Divorce in Georgia: Things to Consider When Moving Out

The CDC has reported a divorce rate of 2.7 per 1,000 people in 2019. There are various things that you must consider before moving out in a divorce in Georgia including, how will you manage your home, expenses, or raise your kids. Scroll down to know the necessary things you must consider before moving out in a divorce in Georgia.

Choosing the Ideal Property to Relocate After Divorce in Georgia:

Divorce is never easy to cope with, but there are methods to speed up the process and start the healing process as soon as possible. While filing for a divorce in Georgia, there are a variety of reasons why a person may file for divorce, which are divided into two categories: no-fault and at-fault divorces. However, both can be called uncontested divorces.

How should you begin your real estate search if you’ve decided to leave your marriage to purchase a new home and start over? How can you sell your home for what it’s worth if you’re forced to sell it in today’s volatile housing market? Also, how do you choose between renting and buying your new home?

After a divorce, the house you move into will most likely become your home for the rest of your life. This makes your relocation choice even more critical, as you must ensure that your new house meets all of your needs and goals. If you have school-aged children, checking out the schools in your neighborhood can be a good idea. If you have any hobbies, you may also see if there are any venues where you can pursue them.

Exclusive Possession:

While it may be difficult, for your ex-spouse to get you to depart from your house, even though it isn’t impossible (without domestic violence claims), it would be relatively, a lot easier to keep you out if you have freely departed. Your spouse may file a request for exclusive possession of the house after you move.

An award of exclusive possession has no bearing on either spouse’s long-term claim to the house or its contents. If approved, however, it will prevent you from visiting your house during the divorce procedures. When you need to collect crucial belongings from your house, this presents a considerable challenge.

Monetary Considerations:

Financially, moving out of the marital home before the divorce is official might be detrimental. You must continue to make your regular financial contributions to the home while the divorce is ongoing. This implies that if you were responsible for paying half of the mortgage, utilities, insurance premiums, tuition, and other expenses before the divorce, you will be liable for those payments until the divorce is finalized.

You may also be obliged to pay interim spousal and child support if you are the higher-earning spouse. As a result, if you rent an apartment or buy a second home, you will be responsible for two families on your single salary. As a result, a divorced spouse usually ends up in a less ideal situation.

How to Budget for a Move?

Having a financial plan not only lays out a strategy for achieving your objectives, but also accounts for risks such as illness, job loss, and divorce. In the event of a divorce, your budget should include the costs of paying off a new mortgage as well as the expenditures of purchasing and relocating furnishings, if necessary. However, you may be harming your budget and financial health more than you think if you don’t make judgments on which furnishings to retain, whether to sell or store certain goods, and so on.

What Should You Do If You Have to Move Out After a Divorce in Georgia?

If you decide to leave the marital home after serious contemplation, you should speak with a family law attorney to make the necessary custody and financial arrangements before you depart. Before you pack your belongings and go, an attorney will advise you and assist you in completing the following tasks:

  • Copies of important papers should be made
  • Take pictures of important goods and property and keep a list of them
  • Choose a moving site that is convenient to your children’s schools
  • Make a temporary child custody and visitation arrangement, ideally with the help of a judge

The attorneys at Cheap Uncontested Divorces are available to assist you with all of your family law difficulties and concerns, including a divorce in Georgia. To make an appointment and learn more, contact us today and get an appointment with us.