Paying for A Child’s College After a Georgia Uncontested Divorce

Undergoing a divorce can be a very difficult experience; especially if one has children. At every step of the way, parents inevitably think about their children and what would be best for them. Even in Georgia’s uncontested divorces, child custody and expenses can become a bone of contention amongst many couples. It’s important to understand that as a parent you only want the best for your child. Hence, before parting ways it is better to plan out a few things. This will help both parties avoid any financial and legal problems. 

From assigning days for child custody to planning out college finances of the child, everything needs to be chalked out in detail well before. This will enable individuals to experience a better relationship with each other after the divorce and will also help them build a stronger relationship with their child. The child will not have to experience everyday fights and would be in a much better space mentally. 

The first thing couples undergoing an uncontested divorce in Georgia need to do is to sit together and plan in the presence of their attorney. There are a few essential steps to follow. 

Steps for Paying for Your Child’s College After Georgia Uncontested Divorce

When paying for your child’s college after an uncontested divorce, it’s important to:

1. Assign Roles and Responsibilities

Sponsoring the education of the child is not the responsibility of one parent. Both parents must be held accountable for it. Therefore, it is crucial to decide the amount of the contribution. Through mutual consent, couples can decide what percentage of their income would they like to contribute to their child’s college education. 

Whether they want to set up a savings fund for it or want to pay it directly when the time comes. If all such details are decided in the presence of an attorney, then it could reduce the chances of conflict later on.

2. Consider Various Factors

The future situation for any couple undergoing a divorce might be very different in the next 5 to 6 years. Some might decide to remarry or adopt another child. In such cases, their expenses would most likely increase which is why, one must dedicate a specific fund for their children from their first marriage, beforehand. This won’t put any additional burden on both sides and would enable them to enjoy a better life post-divorce.

3. Keep the Child in the Loop

In Georgia’s uncontested divorces, parents often tend to settle matters between each other and do not keep the child in the loop. This could have a negative impact; thus, it is important to communicate all developments to your child. Let them know what the plan regarding their education is, ask them about their college preferences, like whether they want to take a gap year or not. All these deliberations would allow couples to make an informed decision for their child, one that keeps your child happy and enables you to be satisfied.

What Does the Law State? 

In some states, the court after looking into various details and financial standing of both parents can order one of the two parents to fund the entire education. However, this mainly depends on the state that the divorce occurs in. If there is already an agreement between the parents, then the reality can be very different. A college support agreement could be very helpful in this regard. The exact amount paid by each parent can depend on the type of college selected by the child, the field of study, and the state they might be migrating to for educational purposes.

How Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Out:

The best way to approach such a matter is to get help from a divorce lawyer or attorney. They can help get separating couples to have a complete breakdown of the costs involved and the amount liable by both parties. It is certainly not a good idea to have a 50/50 split for the education at the time of separation because the financial situation may change greatly in some years. An official legal representative can act as a mediator between both parties and split the tuition fee effectively.

Another possibility is that if one parent has the means then they can take complete responsibility for the child’s education as well. This will resolve any differences and would make the whole process of college funding very easy and swift.

While Georgia’s uncontested divorce is usually hassle-free, it is important to recognize the importance of a good attorney. Our lawyers have the skills and experience of dealing with such cases. By getting us onboard, you can avoid personal differences and help build a secure plan for the future.