Can You Live in the Same House While Getting a Divorce in Georgia?

Can You Live in the Same House While Getting a Divorce in Georgia?

Getting a divorce in Georgia is an emotional roller coaster ride. With so many decisions to make and plenty of emotions involved, couples considering a divorce have many questions in mind. One of the primary concerns is regarding the house and who can live there during the divorce process. Especially when children are involved, many people opt to stay in the same house during the process of getting a divorce; regardless of whether they live in a purchased property or a rented one. In 2019, the American Community Survey conducted by Census Bureau revealed that out of 1,000 marriages 14.9 ended in divorce.

The law of Georgia states that to file a divorce you have to be legally separated. However, this does not imply that you or your spouse will have to move out of the marital house. According to Georgia law, you will be required to suspend marital relations if you intend to get a divorce. The parties involved in a divorce can live in the same house while being legally separated. You won’t be needing a separation agreement verbally or in writing.

Divorce in Georgia: Why Would You Still Want to Live Together?

Several reasons persuade couples to live together during divorce in Georgia. One of the most common reasons is financial conditions. Often there is not enough money available to set up another house. If you can set the ground rules, and your financial condition won’t let you keep a separate place then you can continue to live together.

Another main reason for staying together is usually when couples have children. Living together for the sake of children is a great idea only when there is no physical violence and excessive fighting involved. It is also suggested to stay in the same house with the kids until the custody decision is finalized. If you can achieve some sort of harmony then living together during the divorce process is beneficial. You should discuss and plan with the other party to avoid conflicts.

Consider the Following Tips to Make the Process Easier:

Here are some ways you can avoid unnecessary conflicts while sharing a home during the divorce process.

  • Defining Proper Space for Each Party in the Home:

Some couples get the chance to have their room when the house is large enough. Having your room protects your privacy and ensures less conflict. If you don’t have enough space you can use the basement, attic, or den of your house to create a living space. You will be able to avoid arguments when your belongings are in your own space. Having some space from your spouse will be essential for you.

  • Respecting Each Other:

Once you are in the process of seeking a divorce in Georgia, there are certain family rules that you must be aware of. One of such basic family rules would be not to have your significant other over to the house. You should show some respect to each other. Coming back home at a reasonable time, showing appropriate behavior while at home is essential to retain respect and peace in the house.

Do not intentionally disturb anyone. It is unsettling to create disturbance late at night. If you two cannot live together without anxiety then the judge might end the arrangement. Do not be reluctant towards your kids. If you intentionally come late at night, this evidence will be provided in court to establish that you are never there for the kids. Keep your documents and emails to yourself.

  • Financial Aspects of Living Together:

You will have to work out the finances. As long as you will be sharing the space, you will also have to share the expenses. It includes all expenses including utility bills and grocery bills. You both should have a clear understanding of sharing expenses. The aim is to get along and not to create problems.

  • Do Not Fight:

As hard as it may sound, a divorce in Georgia may occur as a result of conflicts and arguments. When living together during the divorce process you should keep the peace. Try to avoid situations where you anticipate an argument or a fight. Decide the household activities and responsibilities ahead of time.

Hire an Experienced Divorce Attorney

This arrangement won’t last forever. However, child custody takes a bit longer to work out. If it becomes too difficult to live together then one should move out. To fast-track your divorce in Georgia, consult our experienced divorce attorney. We aim to protect your legal rights and strengthen your case to obtain successful outcomes.