How Much Time is Required for a Georgia Uncontested Divorce?

How Much Time is Required for a Georgia Uncontested Divorce?

As soon as someone decides that they don’t want to stay in a marital relationship, they want a divorce in as little time as possible. A Georgia uncontested divorce is a viable option in these cases. They want the divorce process to be expedited and get done with it without any delay. They also want the process to be completed in a short period of time by spending the lowest possible cost. Getting out of relationships or getting a divorce is already mentally very stressful. Cheap Uncontested Divorces is the best place to get an uncontested divorce in a short period of time.

Our goal is to provide you a fast, affordable, and hassle-free uncontested divorce. Our well-experienced attorneys focus on helping our clients by obtaining an uncontested divorce.

Divorces aren’t a very pleasant experience. And unfortunately, the divorce rate for Georgia is one of the highest.

Frequent Questions Asked About Georgia Uncontested Divorces:

Here, we answer some of the most common questions about uncontested divorces.

1. How Much Time Does It Take to Process an Uncontested Divorce?

Most people are concerned about the time it takes to settle their uncontested divorce because everyone wants to get done with the divorce process as quickly as possible.

Every case is different so the time it takes to settle a Georgia uncontested divorce may vary from case to case. Some cases are settled within no time due to the cooperation of both parties. If both the parties agree on the clauses of the divorce case and expedite the process of signing the documents, it can be settled within no time.

On the other hand, these divorce cases also depend on the courts' work. Some courts are very well-equipped and have very qualified staff that makes the divorce process easier and faster. Georgia’s law requires at least 31 days for an uncontested divorce no matter which court is dealing with the case. And that 31-day period starts after the uncontested divorce case is filed with the clerk of the superior court.

Generally, it might take a month to finish the divorce after the documents are submitted in court. This time could increase depending on the processing time of courts. Some divorce cases take 2 - 6 months to settle and some even take over a year to settle. No uncontested divorce case is similar to another, thus, requiring a different processing time.

2. Which Factors Affect the Time Required for an Uncontested Divorce?

Before filing the actual divorce with the court, the divorce documents must be signed by you and your ex-spouse. Both parties need to be very cooperative in order to settle the agreement clauses in the divorce document. If the divorce party has minor children, then they also have to agree on a child support and parenting plan. These processes could take months.

When the 31-day time period ends, the judge might need a hearing and that hearing depends upon the general caseload of the courts.

When you hand over your case to our attorney, we try our best to make every legal effort to ignore the hearing. But in the end, it's the decision of the judge if a hearing is required or not.

3. How Much Time is Required in Contested Divorces as Compared to Uncontested Divorces?

Contested divorce cases will always take more time and go on a trial. For the couples who are unable to agree on the terms and conditions of the divorce document, it's going to take longer than they expected to settle the case. Whereas, if the couple agrees on the divorce, we can file an uncontested divorce on your behalf and make it hassle-free for you. Our attorneys make sure that your case is settled at a low cost and in the shortest amount of time possible.

4. How Can I Apply to Get a Fast Settlement for My Uncontested Divorce?

Our firm and well-trained attorneys are here to help you settle your Georgia uncontested divorces. If you and your partner are cooperative, leave the rest of the case to us. We will try our best to dissolve your marriage as soon as possible at a very affordable cost.

We are dedicated to helping our clients in their uncontested divorce cases, and making them hassle and stress-free. We want this emotionally uneasy time to end as quickly and painlessly as possible. We are also focused on getting you the settlement you and your partner deserve.

If you take up our services, we will be taking care of all the courtrooms and legal processes.

You can avail of our free case review service by simply contacting us to give your case to us.